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Dyatlovin solan onnettomuus vuonna 1959

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Menehtyneiden muistomerkki

This is the fascinating case of a group of 9 students on a skiing holiday in the Ural Mountains of Russia in Sverdlovsk Oblast, in 1959 led by expedition leader Igor Dyatlov (Hence the official name of the case).

Despite this group of 8 men and 2 women being students though, they were still said to have been particularly experienced in skiing tours, expeditions and overall pursuits of this nature. This being so, a couple of days into there expedition, one which would be there last, the weather started to drastically deteriorate, thus forcing the group to eventually pitch up there tents on the Kholat-Syakhl mountain in an open space as opposed to the preferred wooded terrain.

According to the official story we have, all of the students, apart from one whom stayed behind due to illness (please see diagram below), mysteriously disappeared shortly after setting up camp here sometime in the middle of the night. It then became one of the most mysterious of it’s kind…

Yuri Yudin halaamassa Lyudmila Dubininaa. Dubinina jätti ryhmän sairastuttuaan. Igor Dyatlov seuraa sivusta.

Reports bizarrely show that no struggle had taken place inside the tent due to the disappearance, but instead, something had seemingly startled the group and caused them to rapidly flee. A total set of 9 footprints leading away from the campsite are said to have been found, along with everyones equipment, there clothes – Some of the students actually ran off into the middle of the night with one shoe on, some with the most basis levels of attire, some with just mere socks on, and some were found completely barefoot. Not forgetting the temperatures can reach far below Minus 30 degrees Celsius for example here.

Even so, a few of the group seem to have made it quite a distance from the campsite – around a kilometer away in fact as that’s roughly where the bodies were eventually found. All unfortunately dead.

Now, originally, the group were supposed to send a telegraph a mere couple of days after disappearing to the local sports club in the hope of contacting the only surviving member of this group – the one whom had previously stayed behind due to an illness. But, as the group met there demise, no such telegraph obviously could be sent.

So, as the days passed, the relatives of the group eventually forced a rescue operation to be undertook. It was this rescue team whom, On February 26, had eventually found the tent and later the bodies of the students, in what was one of the most bizarre and to this day remaining unsolved cases of this nature potentially ever recorded. Here is the state of the tent that they originally found:

Hiihtäjien teltta löydettiin helmikuun 26. päivänä vuonna 1959. Teltan sisältä ei löydetty merkkejä kamppailusta.

Following the footprints I had previously mentioned, they were led to the nearby woods, situated on the opposite of the pass. What they found here was the remains of a fire, along with the first two dead bodies, those of Krivonischenko and Doroshenko – both of which were in basic under clothing and both had no shoes on. Whatever had startled the group, It had caused them to flee very quickly indeed. The cause of death was officially classed as Hypothermia.

The group then found 3 more bodies close by – the bodies of Dyatlov (the expedition leader), Kolmogorova and Slobodin. All found at separate distances from each other. And all found in relatively close situations to the first 2 bodies.

The rest of the group (Nicolas Thibeaux-Brignollel, Alexander Zolotaryov, and Alexander Kolevatov) were then found around 2 months later buried deep under snow near a ravine in a stream valley further into the wood. It was this though which sparked a great deal of interest in this case by many as the group found were shown to have suffered no external injuries at all, instead, very severe internal injuries. Something likened to that of a severe car accident. 

Thibeaux-Brignollel for example was found with a fractured skull, with no external showing of this, remember. Dubinina and Zolatarev had numerous broken ribs – and strangely of all, Dubinina’s tongue had been completely removed.

Nämä kuvat otettu luultavasti kohtalonpäivänä. Yllä ryhmä asentaa telttaa.

One can only imagine what really occurred here it would seem – then again, imagining what could’ve caused this exactly would prove very difficult indeed. After all, no suspicious footprints were found in the snow (just the set of 9 footprints from the original group), no signs of any struggles taken place and most strange of all, severe injuries were sustained with absolutely no external damage to any of the group members. Even bruises on any of the students were not found.

I believe the case was then eventually closed a few months later, and then sent to a secret military archive. Prior to this though the official story stated that there was absolutely no evidence of wrong doing from any of the parties involved. And the surrounding area was also closed off for around three years to skiers and other adventurers. Presumably due to these events and also I’m sure due to the other strange events which have occurred in this strange Russian Mountain.

For example, the death of another group of Nine Mansi have been reported missing in a location nearby also, Although I believe it wasn’t at the same time as the original group being discussed in this thread, and eve an incident involving a plane crash again involving 9 individuals occurring here also. Theses strange occurrences seemingly giving this area a reputation for ”strange” behaviors particularly involving 9 individuals every time too.

Here is a diagram of the path of the students as well as the locations of some of these other incidents:

According to locals, as well as Lee Ivanov, the head Investigator, something odd was spotted in the surrounding area during the investigations – ”Flying spheres” were said to have been spotted here. Many attributing the mysterious circumstances of the missing students to these strange flying spheres also.

Tests of the clothing found, according to De-classified documents in 1990, also seem to show that at the sites of the dead bodies extremely high does of radiation had been found, as if they had been handling radioactive materials even or as if they had been in a highly radioactive area. The original chief investigator, Lev Ivanov, described how he took a Geiger counter with him to the campsite on the mountain slope; as he approached, the device started to click rapidly and loudly.

This perhaps giving the extraterrestrial and paranormal conclusions more weight It seems. Evidence at the campsite itself also seemingly points to the conclusion that the students had been blinded also. What could have caused this I wonder? Something we simply do not know yet but interesting to ponder over nonetheless.

And last but not least, the relatives of the family’s of the group claim that the skin of their dead loved ones was even tanned and tinted dark orange or brown. And their hair had all turned completely gray.

This truly is a fascinating case of disappearance – one which points to something potentially extraordinary happening here.

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